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In this week's tip video, I take a look at how you can make some simple customisations to your Finder toolbar to increase your productivity.

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James S

Though I knew most of this, nice vid, as usual.

Would love a refresher on running ones machine under two separate partitions (boot/apps vs. data), on Sierra/High Sierra/Mojave. With some reminders on why this can be useful to do, info on how things like databases (email, iTunes/Photos, et al.) can best be handled, and how backups (Time Machine, CCC/SD) are ideally done.

I understand it might not be on your immediate schedule, so maybe a 'future show idea' list item, or something. ;-)


Don McAllister

Hi James,

Thanks! Will definitely consider another vid along the lines of what you suggest, especially in light of the upcoming Mojave release. No promises mind!

Michael Grant

One thing not mentioned here that I find extremely useful is that it's possible to place application links in the toolbar, which then become drag targets for opening files in those applications. My toolbar has a couple of different apps that can do different things with text or image files, Mail to quickly create an e-mail with any file I drag onto it as an attachment, Evernote for creating new notes with files, etc.


Don McAllister

Hi Michael, That's a great suggestion!

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