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MoneyWell is one of the most respected personal finance applications for the Mac.

Using a unique approach of using "buckets" for your various budgets, it allows to to easily keep track of income and expenditure, ensuring you remain on budget.

In this week's episode, Todd Olthoff takes you through the features of the latest version of MoneyWell.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation & Account Set Up
  • Interface Overview
  • Event Based Budgeting
  • Working With Your Budget
  • Adding Transactions
  • Reconciling Your Accounts
  • Portfolio & Reports

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Mark Dunham

Hi Don, Thank Todd for covering Moneywell again. I had stop using it when v2.0 came out and it was a mess. I see NoThirst has made a lot of progress since then. I'm now ready to try Moneywell again. You really can't beat the support Kevin Hector and his team gives.

Terry Wasylink

Hi Don, I think everyone should be careful about buying Moneywell because the developer recently got a job with Apple and may not be continuing to develop Moneywell. I own it and use it every day but I'm worried that it may not be updated unless somebody new takes it over. I do believe you should take a look at the program MoneyWhiz I think it has a lot more functionality than Moneywell and they are continuing to develop this program and have a new update coming soon.

J.F. Brissette

Thank you, Todd, for this excellent run-through. Should we expect a refresher once MoneyWell 3 is released? I currently have the demo installed, and although the basic principle remains the same, it would be great to have a fresh look at this app, and possibly the iOS version as well.

Keep up your good work, sir. :-)

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