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Status Board is now no longer under active development by Panic.

Status Board v2 has just been released, and is a significant upgrade of an already stellar iPad app, allowing you to turn your iPad or HDTV into a rich status screen.

With the new version, Panic have added a slew of new features.

Now you can create multiple status boards which can transition automatically. You can publish your boards to allow others to subscribe and have them receive updates when you make them. There are also some brand new panel types now available.

Status Board v2 is now a free app with six panels included, and another six available as an in-app purchase. Unless you've previously purchased Status Board v1 in which case, all the panels are unlocked.

In this week's episode I take a look at some of the new features and the free panels. I'll follow up in two weeks with a look at the six in-app purchase panels alone with the new publish and subscribe features.

The full episode covers:

  • Introduction
  • Viewing Status Boards
  • Status Board Settings
  • Edit Boards
  • Setting Up A New Board
  • Email Panel
  • Twitter
  • News Feeds

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