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We've covered HoudahSpot from Houdah Software in the past on ScreenCastsOnline. It's my go-to app if I want to do some serious searching on my Mac. But if you want to do a simple search and Spotlight just doesn't cut it, I'd recommend Tembo for macOS.

Tembo, also developed by Houdah Software, is a quick and efficient way of searching for files on your Mac. In this tip video, Don takes a look at its core functionality and shows you how to customise some of the settings.

The full tutorial covers

  • Introduction
  • Sorting & Filtering
  • Using Groups
  • File Actions
  • Menus & Preferences

App Store Links:

Tembo 2 Mac App Store

Show Links:

Tembo 2 Website

Video Tutorial Comments

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Jim Leff

Here's an explanation of the difference between Tembo and Houdahspot: https://blog.houdah.com/2014/04/houdahspot-tembo/

Richard Bruning

I bought TEMBO v.2 5 years ago for $15. Quite a good value and hasn't forced me to upgrade in that time.

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