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This tutorial has been archived

Plex for iOS

Date: 24th August 2013

Duration: 17:01

Show ref: SCOI0125

Plex is a complete solution for local and online media. Following on from this week's Mac show, I demonstrate the capabilities of the Plex App for iOS.

As a universal app, it works on the iPad, iiPhone and iPod touch, allowing you to access and stream media from your pled Media Library. With the addition of a PlexPass subscription, you can even sync media from your Plex Media Library, direct to your iOS device for offline viewing.

Add in a free myPlex account, and access your Plex Media Library remotely across Wifi or Cellular.

It also acts as a remote for your Desktop media player.

This tutorial has been archived

QuickTime X vs QuickTime 7

Date: 27th January 2012

Duration: 34:59

Show ref: SCOM0331

Quicktime is the foundation of Apple’s multimedia offerings. With the introduction of QuickTime X in Snow Leopard, Apple have begun the process of re-writing QuickTime from the ground up.

As a result, many of the original capabilities of the QuickTime 7 player have been left out of the latest version of QuickTime X. This first part of a two part series takes a look at both QuickTime X and QuickTime 7, and examines the features still available via the legacy player.