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Tip - Fing Network Scanner

Date: 5th September 2017

Duration: 05:06

Show ref: SCOM0662

If you want to shock yourself and discover just how many devices are hanging off of your network, download Fing and take a look.

Fing is a fantastic utility that gathers all sorts of data about your local area network and the devices attached to it.

Great for diagnostics and troubleshooting, Fing is also great fun if you like that sort of thing!

Tip - macOS & iOS - Managing Wifi

Date: 14th March 2017

Duration: 05:32

Show ref: SCOM0612

In this week's tip video we take a look at managing your WiFi connections on both the Mac and iOS.

If you're an iCloud user and switch on iCloud Keychain Sync, the details of all WiFi hotspots you connect to will be synchronised across all your devices - including the WiFi passwords too.

This can be extremely useful, but after a while you'll most likely end up with a huge list of WiFi networks on your devices, many of which, you'll never visit again.

Watch this week's tip video to learn how to manage your ever increasing list of WiFi networks.